Welcome to all those interested in the Extraction of Essential Oils by Steam!

We will present a process for extracting essential oils from aromatic plants that we have developed and distribute for all those who want to produce quality essential oils.

Since 1973, Thierry Aldeghi has been working with essential oils.  At first he was an independent composer of perfumes. In 1982 he started producing his own essential oils. He extracted a wide variety of essential oils from many plants around the world.

Across the years he has sought to correct the defects generated by traditional stills.

He had to rethink all the factors that contribute to the liberation of essential oils in the gaseous phase. In 1992 he created a new process for steam extraction. The extractor was patented under the name The NEBULEUSE ® (or cloud) Extractor.

The time taken to extract all the oil from plants is significantly shortened, saving water, fuel and manpower for the same yield. It also avoids the breakdown of the aromatic components associated with the longer traditional distillation. When the plants are removed from the extractor, they have not been stained by the tannins and still seem fresh. The essential oil is released before the decomposition of plant material that occurs in traditional stills. 

The resulting oils and aqueous extracts still have the aromatic freshness of the plant and have a better quality and stability.

The oils may be used in formulas that require a precise definition, they are more competitive for their aromatic and medicinal properties, and are able to meet the requirements of the most demanding professionals. Used in Southeast Asia, Indian Ocean, Mediterranean Europe, The NEBULEUSE ®Extractor is a quality asset for distillers who adopt it.

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