With our extraction process the flow of distillate is no longer disturbed by the traditional swan neck and coil: it avoids their shortcomings and the aromatic distillation time decreases.

The original shape and proportions of our products allow a low pressure and homogeneous gas circulation of the distillates.


LOAD : opening front door, basket and trolley cranes.

BASKET : 120 kg of frech plants (averag capacity).

STEAM : medium gas flow of 35 kg/h,
Regulatory body steam distribution, automatic drain.

COOLING WATER: 800 L/h at 20°C,
Double horizontal tubular coiler.

INOX: 316L

Length :3.40m, Width :1.55m, Height :1.30m


This device can distil more gently, handling is more flexible. 

The distiller can concentrate on the extracts quality.


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