The extracts have a characteristic freshness.

Plants gathered at the same time and processed with The NEBULEUSE ® Extractor produce oils which compare favourably with those from traditional stills. With our technology more components are extracted with a higher rate of esters like this rosemary.Gli 

This is due to the limitation of the phenomenon of hydrolysis.

The NEBULEUSE ®extraction technique limits the most common problems:

  •  The very common presence of condensates in the distilling areas produces hydrolysis. This degrades oxygenated components and is recognizable by the smell of boiled plants.
  •  Excess temperatures at pressure amplify the problems of condensation. 
  •  Turbulence in the gas flow.

Distillation is gentle with low pressure steam and shorter extraction times. The extractor’s cooler is easy to clean and allows all the extracts to be retrieved. The essential oils obtained with our damage-free method can be used immediately; they will however remain stable and keep better.

The distiller operating The NEBULEUSE ®Extractor will soon learn to set the ideal settings depending on the condition and species of plant. To obtain the highest quality aromatic output, he controls the loading, the quality and flow of steam, the flow of the cooling water. We provide users with the necessary training to exploit these settings

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